Tuesday, August 24, 2010


In 1982, Mother Theresa was asked to come and helprebuild a children’s hospital and orphanage in warstricken Beirut.

After convincing the Israeli army and Palestinian guerillas to temporarily cease fire, she agreed. When her plane arrived, the heads of government and thousands of people showed up to see her and her
entourage begin their mission. They had expected Mother Theresa to bring an army of volunteers, equipment and supplies to rebuild the war ravaged area. They hadorganized dozens of vehicles and security personnel to escort Mother Theresa and her crew to the hospital Instead, to everyone’s surprise, she walked off the plane alone. She met the heads of government, and immediately asked them to bring her to the site where the children were being kept. When she arrived, 37 wounded and mentally handicapped children lay in a tent near the ruins of their former orphanage and hospital.

With a crowd of hundreds looking on, Mother Theresa ran up to one of the children, held it in her arms, and began praying and rocking the child back and forth. After 10 minutes, a woman ran up to Mother Theresa and, weeping, told her that she would bring the child into her family and raise it as her own. Mother Theresa then ran to the next child, and did the same thing. Within an hour and a half, ALL the children had been adopted into loving homes. She had done what she went there to do. She was driven back to the airport, and within 3 hours of her arrival, she departed, having rebuilt that community.

We all know Mother Theresa for being a woman who was on a mission. What we need to
understand is that she WAS the mission. She lived by being an example for us all. Gandhi once
said that we need to “be the change we wish to see in the world.”

We are ALL designed for greatness. If you want a better community, the most powerful thing you
can do is to be a better you. If you want a healthier family then be a healthier you.

We live in a community where far too many people are living sick and wounded lives, dying well
before their time. What’s an even greater tragedy is that while they are still alive, they’re not really
fully living! They are not getting to fulfill their vision for their lives.

We can change that! We can start by BEING THE MISSION. Together, we will lead this community,
and our greater human community, to an amazing life for all. It’s simple, but not always easy. We’re
here to act as your chiropractor, encourager, supporter and coach. We are ready and willing to do
whatever it takes to make this community “amazing”. Remember, good is the enemy of great. We
were designed for so much more. Let’s go out and live it. You’re worth it!

When you come in for your life-enhancing, specific, scientific chiropractic adjustment, you are
allowing your full potential to start shining through. You are allowed to express all the power that is
inside you, so that you can fulfill the vision for your life. That’s why we’re here: to make sure that
you can be person you were called to be, uninterrupted. It’s far more than helping you feel better.

It’s about BEING better, for your sake, for your family’s sake, for our community’s sake and for
humanity’s sake.

"Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin."
- Mother Theresa

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