Friday, November 5, 2010

Secrets for successful ageing

Since November is a great month to honour people, I thought I would write today’s piece about an incredible member of our practice. With Veterans Week and Remembrance Day looming, it just seems fitting. Especially since he is a WWII vet.

Clement Kromhoff is easily the most interesting person I have ever met. At 92 years old, he is full of stories, amazing thoughts about health and a life well lived and he always has something kind to say to the people around him. Oh, and he’s also hilarious; everyone in his immediate proximity seems to be smiling. He speaks several languages, drove the Model T Ford and loves to share the great produce that he grows in his backyard.

Many people will be awed just by his age, and the fact that he is not only in his nineties, but he is there in great health is even more inspiring. He lives alone, still drives and still works in his garden. To some that will sound unbelievable, but the truth is we should all be living as well and as long as Clem.

Those fruits, vegetables, herbs and seasonings that he grows with his own two hands are his secret to success. Clem will tell you that sugar is “white death” and that he never uses the stuff and that if the rest of the country didn’t consume so much of it we would be living longer and healthier lives. He controls the quality of what he puts in his body by growing it himself, and has done so for a great deal of his life. Of course there was the period of time that he was stationed overseas in WWII, where immense stress, less than ideal food, and I’m sure poor sleep would have taken a few years off his life, but he seems to have bounced back and found balance. He gave up alcohol, formed a relationship with God, and pursued his passions.

Clem was married to the love of his life for nearly 70 years, and has formed a strong support system of neighbours, friends, and even acupuncturists and chiropractors around him. When he recently fell from a ladder in his yard there were people there to pick him up, dust him off and make sure that he was on the road to recovery. You can’t help but love this man, and I think the lessons we can all learn here are obvious, but I’m going to outline them for you anyway.

Secrets for successful ageing 1 – preserve your body with healthful food, light to moderate exercise and limit sugar! 2 – keep your mind fit by staying engaged in the world, learn a new language, go out and meet people. 3 – build a strong support system! Sometimes all you need is a hand to hold, or someone to listen to your problem or someone to celebrate a victory with. Cast a wide social net and you’ll always be able to find someone to help you. 4 – Pursue your passions, a life without purpose is not a life worth living. Find the things that inspire you, that stir your creativity or your give you that excited butterflies in the belly sensation. In the pursuit of something you love, nothing feels like work, and time flies. You’ll be 99 years old before you know it.

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