Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Touching base

I'm sitting here at my desk thinking about you. I don't really have a specfic topic to discuss today, but you were all on my mind and I wanted to reach out to you in some way. Maybe it's because I've been away in Vernon helping out another Chiropractor up there three days a week and I'm feeling a little disconnected from my Health In Hand Family.
Being away from our office and into someone else's has been a really interesting experience for me. I'm still doing the same work to help people achieve their health goals, or maybe get back to work, or even help some kids get through the night without an "accident". It's extremely gratifying to hear that someone was able to heal because of something that I contributed to their life. I guess because I see so many of the members of my practice so regularly and I truly do feel that we are a family, that the nice things you say to Dr. Travis and I are akin to your mom telling you you're smart or that she thinks you're handsome. Stepping outside of the warmth of our West Kelowna office and heading out into the unknown had me excited, nervous and a little worried. Would the new people like me? Would they think I was as good as their regular Chiropractor? Would they embrace me as warmly as you all have?
Well, I'm 2 weeks in and my experience there so far has been great, and although I guess none of us really ever know what people really think, they seem to have good things to say. More importantly, I have learned a few amazing tips and tricks from a 20 year veteran that you can expect to experience in our office in the near future. It's incredible really what spending a little time with someone who does what you do in a professional capacity. Yes, Dr. Travis and I spend lots of time together, but that doesn't count. We also have lots of friends who are Chiropractors, but as with most people we really try to leave our work at work. If only schedules and salaries and time allowed us all to spend a little time with other people in our professions. Observing the person who does your job, but has been there a few years longer than you, or shadowing your boss for a day. Most people are eager to share their knowledge and their little tricks to get the job done all the more efficiently. Think about how much better you would be at your job, heck, at life, if everyone just pooled all their "get it done" tips. Do yourself a favour this week, spend 20 minutes following one of your co-workers or bosses around and see what you can learn.

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