Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Is Winter Over Yet?

I think I speak for everyone, except a skier or two, when I say that we’re ready for winter to be over. The cloudy days, the cold temperatures, the snow and slush; it’s not for us sun and heat loving Okanaganers. It’s only March and we’re already wishing for June. Today’s article is about squishing a little more winter fun into the next few weeks while we wait. There are the obvious winter fun escapes like Mexico and Hawaii, but I’m talking about taking advantage of the natural surroundings here in Kelowna and the surrounding area. We all know there’s great downhill skiing and snowboarding nearby, but did you know you can get out for some cross country skiing or snowshoeing just up the road at Telemark? Unfortunately Lake Okanagan doesn’t freeze over to give us the romance of skating on the pond, but the new ice rink at Stuart Park is a great way to get out, enjoy a little winter atmosphere and get your exercise. For those of you who like to get out for your hikes, but avoid it in the winter because of ice and snow, consider picking up a pair of snow cleats to put over your hiking boots – you can pick up a pair at Costco for cheap and continue to get out for your walks. The winter trails are a lot quieter giving you the feeling of being at one with nature, and you don’t have to worry about running into any bears.

If you’re more of an indoor activity kind of person, put your thinking caps on to get yourself moving and in a great mood. Take a dance class, or head over to Johnson Bentley for a swim (it’s nice and warm in there!). Take up Hot Yoga, or get yourself signed up for a healthy cooking class. There are a ton of ways to keep active and in turn keep happy in the winter. By learning new things, and getting your daily dose of exercise you can combat the winter blahs, and think about how interesting your water cooler talk will be if you’ve got something new on the go.

Get your friends together for an activity that you enjoy, maybe a snowball fight, or a book club or a competitive game of capture the flag. Being with people that you love and that make you laugh will also help you get through those days that are gray and make you feel a little down. Start planning your St. Patty's Day party, with themed foods you can serve, what games you can play and what the prizes might be. Making a plan to come together, being creative and getting a little silly will be just the antidote for the end of Winter blahs.

Oh, one last thing. Take your vitamin D. It’ll give you a mood lift, help to energize you and get you through this final push before spring arrives. Get moving, and the warm sun will be here before you know it.

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